KabelDirekt 3m Câble Optique TOSLINK vers TOSLINK - PRO Series

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KabelDirekt Optical TOSLINK Digital CableA High End connection is essential for your High End Entertainment.The KabelDirekt TOSLINK Cables offer exactly that.The digital audio data is transferred inside your Home Entertainment area or your Hifi System, ensuring a simply perfect sound quality.Besides regular Stereo Dolby Digital, DTS aswell as various other Surround types are supported.The TOSLINK cable from KabelDirekt, naturally out of optical -fibre, completly resists against magnetical or electrical disturbance.Thereby the transferred audio data, unlike most regular solutions ( for instances copper lines), fully resembles the original sound.The quality indications:- very accurately manufactured cables- The connector fits exactly into the socket ensuring the best possible signal- the high flexibility of the cable prevents a too high pressure on the sockets of your devices- A special robust and high flexible PVC jacket for the sensitive optical-fibre line- corrosion-resistant, golden contacts- noble metal case with practical handholds for a secure installation- connector profile out of metall for maximum lifetime.The KabelDirekt TOSLINK Cables are available in the following lenghts: 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m.
  • KabelDirekt Câble Optique Audio TOSLINK - PRO Series
  • Fibre optique - complètement immun contre des signals brouilleurs
  • Manufacture parfaite
  • Production certifiée & KabelDirekt Contrôle de Qualité
  • Garantie 18 mois
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