KabelDirekt 3m Câble adaptateur DVI 24+1 à HDMI ( Full HD 1080p Highspeed avec Ethernet) - TOP Series

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DVI 24+1 Adapter CableA High End connection is essential for your High End Entertainment.The KabelDirekt cables offer exactly that.This cable smoothly transfers digital video signals between your devices in maxixmum quality (Including FUll HD 1080p in 3D Mode).Devices with DVI output, like for instance graphic cards, may be connected with TVs owning an HDMI access or the other way round.The quality indications:- perfect manufacture- very accurately fitting cables ensure a firm hold aswell as optimum contact (DVI connector with screwed connection) - golden, corrosion-resistant contacts ensure a loss-free transmission of the signal - maximum effective shielding ( Alu Mylar /Aluminum meshwork combination) - high flexibility prevents mechanical pressure on the HDMI sockets of your devices- officially certified- Only high grade materials are used (Robust and high flexible PVC jacket, stable synthetic case, lines inside the cable out of oxygen free copper, 7,3mm outside diameter)
  • Full HD 1080p Highspeed avec Ethernet
  • KabelDirekt Câble Adapteur de HDMI à DVI 24+1 - TOP Series
  • Toutes les définitions à Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080p)
  • Transmission bidirectionellee contrairement à autre cable de HDMI vers DVI
  • Production certifiée ATC & KabelDirekt Contrôle de Qualité
  • Garantie 18 mois
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ASIN B0091FC346
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