Huile Attraction et Amour - Pour Diffuseur, Humidificateur, Brûleur d'Aromathérapie. Huiles Essentielles Citron, Jasmin dans Huile Abricot. Le Parfum Aphrodisiaque pour Relaxation. Stimule la Passion.

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de Blended Valley
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AROMATHERAPY TO HELP YOU FULFILL YOUR DREAMS Be clear about the love, attraction and passion you want to bring into your life. Whether you're using the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires or some other method, our Oil is designed to help you fulfill your dreams. We've carefully selected key botanicals that are beautifully scented as well as therapeutic and effective so you can enjoy the blend in many ways. OUR BLEND INCLUDES * The fresh scent of lemon oil brings clarity and awareness to your aromatherapy experience, helping you to better define what you want in love and determine the best way to achieve those goals. * Bergamot's own citrusy scent amplifies the lemon aroma of this blend and adds a small touch of sweet fragrance. It is joyful and acting as an aphrodisiac. * Rose is the ultimate love scent. Its properties make it the perfect ingredient for this blend. * Geranium also brings love properties to this formulation. It offers fertility and protection, and it's beautiful rosy fragrance amplifies the rose perfume of the oil. * Jasmine has a reputation for attracting love and helps you to realize your dreams. * Sensual and musky patchouli is known for its lust magical properties. It is an enervator, spurring you to take action towards turning your dreams into reality. MANUFACTURER'S GUARANTEE We know you'll love the way your Attraction Oil helps you to bring your life's desires to fruition. That's why we back up our beautiful attraction blend with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. EXPERIENCE THE BLENDED VALLEY OILS COLLECTION Try all the oils for a unique experience that is truly tailored to your needs. Results may vary. Testimonials and reviews are from real customers. Order your life-fulfilling Blended Valley oils now we sell out fast.
  • AROMATHERAPY OILS HELP YOU FIND YOUR ONE TRUE LOVE Imagine a joyful, satisfying life full of the love, laughter and companionship you've been searching for. If you are looking to find your ideal perfect mate or some other passion, our Attraction Oil helps you put the Law of Attraction to work for you with hand-blended aromatherapy oil that help draw love to your life.
  • YOU ARE WORTH LOVE, SUCCESS AND ABUNDANCE This premium essential oil formula, hand-blended in the U.K. to preserve its exquisite quality. You deserve a high-quality aroma oil to aid your love and attraction rituals or meditations. The oil blend is made with only the finest essential oils and blended to create a gorgeous-smelling attraction perfume. You and those around you will love this scented oil.
  • IGNITE PASSION AND INTIMACY WITH FRAGRANCE OIL When you're working to attract love, success, luck, money or passion to your life, the safety and purity of your attraction oil are vital. We take many steps to preserve this oil's quality and therapeutic properties. We blend each bottle by hand and package it in an opaque, UV-resistant bottle. This method maintains and protects the oil's excellence and extends the oil's shelf life for a pure, satisfying experience with every use.
  • SHARE THE LOVE WITH THE BEST ROMANTIC GIFTS This Attraction and Love aroma oil is a gift you'll be proud to bestow, offering the highest quality oil and one of the most appealing scented attraction oils available.
  • COPYRIGHTED ESSENTIAL OILS E-BOOK IS INCLUDED Natural oil gives you a unique way to connect with your spirit, body and emotions. Blended Valley book helps unlock the key to using these oils effectively for a richer, more meaningful life. It is included with each purchase for your enjoyment.
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