Hornit DB140V2 Klaxon + Lumière Mixte Adulte, Noir

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The Product The Hornit dB140 is the loudest cycle horn on the market. It emits a piercing 140 decibel sound which is enough to alert trucks, vans, buses, cars and even 'in-a-world-of-their-own' pedestrians. The Hornit is compatible with all styles of bikes, including road bikes and it gives cyclists, the most vulnerable road users, a way of letting all other road users know where they are and makes cycling much safer. Why do cyclists need one? Bicycles are virtually silent and although hi-vis clothing and lights are highly recommended, they're completely ineffective if the driver or pedestrian isn't looking. As 57% of accidents between cars and bicycles in the UK are caused by the driver "failing to look properly", the Hornit gives the cyclist a unique and effective way of making themselves be seen by making themselves heard. How does it differ from other products on the market? It is louder than the competition, it is also smaller, lighter, more reliable and better designed. It's the same size as a bike light, weights just 96g (with the batteries). It will work in any weather and the low-profile, remote switch means it the cyclist can comfortably keep their thumb on the button at all times, including when braking. This is critical as being able to brake is the top priority. Cyclists do not want to have to move their hands to operate the horn. Want to give it a try...? We are yet to have an unhappy customer and want to keep it that way. If you try the Hornit but want to return it for ANY reason we will give you a no quibbles refund. Be safe be HEARD.
  • Adaptable à tous les cycles du marché - 140 décibels
  • Bouton poussoir en néoprène (facile à utiliser même en freinant)
  • Alerte les voitures, bus, camions et piétons
  • 2 sons (klaxon et perçant)
  • 100 % étanche norme IP44
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