Hexbug 501099 Nano Jeu électronique brillant dans le noir

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Hexbug Nano the micro-robotic bug now in a glow-in-the-dark style. Designed to look and behave like real bugs, Hexbugs are actually very cool little robots designed to react to touch and sound. When you set them in motion, they travel forward on their tiny rubber-tipped feet. When they hit an obstacle or hear a loud noise, they back up in a half circle and move forward in a different direction. Hexbug Nano can be registered and tracked online, too! Real fun with real science. Hexbugs are designed with two touch-sensitive antennae that sense obstacles and direct them to reverse and change direction on their six articulated legs. They re even sound-sensitive! Clap your hand, slap the table or make some other loud noise and your Hexbug will stop and change direction. Use noise to control where it scurries! Each Hexbug Nano fits in your palm and uses 1 AG13 button cell battery (included). Collect Hexbug Nanos, now swarming and glowing at Brookstone order yours today! Warning: Choking hazard small parts. Not for children under 3 years. NOTE: At this time we are unable to provide online customers with specific version/color choices for this product. Assorted orders will ship in orange, green, blue, black or red. To obtain a specific version/color choice for this product, please visit a Brookstone store near you. colors may vary to this listing. These units ship in random. Colors and Amazon customers will think they are getting every unit in the photograph. One Hexbug Nano Glow in the Dark Colors Ship at random.
  • Mix and match with other Hexbug Nano items!
  • Register and play online
  • Specimens come in a tube container
  • Glows in the dark!
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