Hailo 4310-001 Marchepied pliant - 2 marches - Couleur : Blanc

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de Hailo
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Product Description Features Lightweight and compact two-tread steel folding steps with practical carry handle Easy to store: collapsed only 4 cm wide 2 large steps with non-slip mats Hinged lock with release button Convenient handle Non-slip rubber feet Loads up to 150 kg Step Mats: anthracite Five-year guarantee Made In Germany The main feature of the Hailo Mini steps is, as the name suggests, that they fold up to a very compact size. These lightweight yet strong stepladders are diminutive enough to be stowed away in even the smallest of places, an advantage if you live in a home where storage space is at a premium or only have a small work space. The Hailo Mini steps do not have a top handrail, so they can easily slide under a work top. The stepladders, which are white with black treads, also measure just 4 cm thick when folded, so they can even be stored in the gaps between cupboards and the washing machine in the kitchen or the drier in the laundry. The steps are large and covered with non-slip mats. The feet are covered with non-skid plastic and offer full-surface contact--factors which provide maximum stability and help to ensure that the stepladder won’t slip out from under you while you work. A plastic carry handle is fitted to the top. The stepladders also feature a hinge-locking mechanism, so that they cannot inadvertently collapse. This product is part of a wide range of access equipment produced by Hailo of Germany. As well as making steps and ladders, Hailo is a leading European manufacturer of an extensive selection of home and office waste bins. The experienced team at Hailo have superb attention to detail and are proud of all of the items that carry their trademark red dot. Box Contains 1 x Hailo Mini Compact 2 Steps Ladder
  • Couleur : Blanc
  • Plateforme : 0.44 m - Hauteur de travail confortable : 1.94 m - Hauteur de travail maximale : 2.44 m
  • Nombre de marches (plateforme comprise) : 2 - Longueur du marchepied plié : 0.57 m
  • Ultra léger - Tapis antidérapant - Larges marches de 30x20 cm
  • Conforme à la norme EN 14183 et au label TUV - Charge admissible : 150 kg - Garantie 5 ans
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