Ella's Kitchen Stage 1 From 4 Months Organic Carrot, Apple and Parsnip 120 g (Pack of 7)

de Ella's Kitchen
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Hello, I'm 100% blackcurrants, blueberries, apples + bananas with a dash of lemon juice. I'm just an organic smoothie fruit snack, with nothing else added, not even water. I contain 1 of 5 lovely pieces of fruit and veg recommended each day! My dad made a promise to me and my brother that he would only use stuff in our products that is full of goodness. I told him everything also has to taste great and he agreed!
  • Organic
  • Good In Every Sense
  • Sans added sugar, salt or Water - contain naturally occurring sugars
  • No additives or thickeners
  • Pas artificielle sweeteners
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