FIFA 16 [import anglais]

de Electronic Arts
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  • FIFA 16 gives you the tools to stop your opponent with confidence. Move with greater freedom as a defender - rely on your team to defend as a unit, and your back line to track menacing runs to create balance between attacking and defending.
  • Defensive Agility - Use 25 innovative feature changes to mobility and locomotion to track skilled players. Mobile defenders can close down space and change direction quickly using swing-step behavior to stay with your opponent. You'll feel freedom of movement as you track runs and look to break up attacks.
  • Defend as a Unit - Defend together, win together. Rely on your teammates to cover gaps when you close down an attacker. New defensive AI gives players better awareness of dangerous space on the pitch relative to the ball and their opponent. Your teammates will track back to stop sophisticated attacking runs, and close down angles of attack.
  • New Tackling Fundamentals - All new slide and standing tackles make going in for the ball responsive, rewarding, and fun!
  • Games are won and lost in the midfield - in FIFA 16, the midfield matters. Stay in possession with patient build-up play or ping clinical passes through space to start an attack.
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