Duracell Pile Rechargeable AAA x 8

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de Duracell
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Duracell AAA 750mAH rechargeable batteries. Not only will you get hundreds of uses out of each Rechargeable battery, but they stay charged longer so you can recharge less*. These high power 750mAH AAA NiMH batteries are ideally suited for high-drain or frequently used devices such as pc mice, remote controls etc.Recharge hundreds of times and save hundreds of pounds. *Vs. ordinary rechargeable batteries, when not in use. The Duracell brand has long been associated with high performance and reliability, making Duracell the most trusted battery for all applications. Our experience and expertise in producing exceptional quality batteries is unrivalled. In fact, we have been doing just that for over 90 years and it is this heritage that enables us to manufacture the finest batteries ever made.
  • Contenu du packaging: 8 each
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