Double mousqueton S-biner SideLock T. 2, Noir NITE Ize

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de Nite Ize
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Nite Ize S Biner SlideLock Size 2Product Description:Organize connect carry and keep your valuables extra secure with S Biner Slide Lock Double Gated Carabiner. Made of high quality stainless steel each S Biner SlideLock features two simple innovative plastic sliders that when slid into correct placement keep the gates securely closed. Your S Biner SlideLock will stay firmly locked until you choose to unlock it allowing for simple and secure linking attaching and carrying. Each gate can be independently locked for convenient access. Available in two sizes (#2 and #4) for small to larger tasks.Specifications:High quality stainless steel construction.Available in 2 sizes with a stainless steel or black finish.Secure stainless steel wire gates with SlideLocks to lock gates and secure contents.Gates can be independently locked.Size #2 dimensions: 2in x .88in weight rating: 10 lb. 1.96in x 0.87in x 0.32in 49.90mm x 22.20mm x 8.20mm Weight= 0.28 oz 8 g 10lbs :: 4.5 kg
  • High quality stainless steel construction.
  • Available in 2 sizes with a stainless steel or black finish.
  • Gates can be independently locked.
  • Size #2 dimensions: 2in x .88in
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