DKEY Add2Psu Adaptateur pour relier deux blocs d'alimentation et actionner ensemble

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ADD2PSU adapter
It enables two ATX-type power supplies to be started simultaneously
Use for rig mining if you have several power supplies for a single system, maybe a power adapter for 3 video cards and a trim for the other three.
Turning on the first power supply, the board will give the start pulse to the second power supply, synchronizing the power supply
The first power supply will be connected to the 4 pin MOLEX connector.
The second power supply will be connected to the MOLEX 2x12 pin (24pin)

1. Connect the first power adapter to the motherboard with the 24 PIN connector.
2. Connect a 4-pin Molex cable from the first power supply to the Add2psu.
3. Connect the second power supply to the Add2psu via the 24 PIN connector.
4. By pressing the power button on the motherboard, the first power supply will give the second boost to light.
  • Adapter for synchronizing the startup of multiple power supplies connected to a single system
  • It is indispensable for cryptovalute RIG mining, if you have several feeds for multiple video cards.
  • Low cost for practical and fast use. Version with Solid State Relay on board, the safest and most reliable.
  • Compatible with all 2x12 pin (24 pin) ATX power supplies. Cables not included. FURTHER INSTALLATION GUIDE
  • Billing and Guaranteed Assistance - 10 Years of Italian Experience by
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