Casque militaire Casque tactique airsoft Emerson tactique Fast Casque MH type et Goggle US Navy Seals

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There are 3 types de : MH (sans trous), bj (Diamond holes) & type PJ (oval holes), each has 8 colors available (Foliage Green, Black, Dark Earth, a-tacs, multicam, desert Digital, US Navy plate, AT-FG)
Fast economical Helmet is the same design as the Ballistic and carbon fast Helmets but with a polycarbonate shell and molded Front NVG Mount.It is great for training, Search and Rescue, climbing, hunting, paintball, CQB shooting and other outdoor activities
Emerson Tactical fast Helmet Type MH with protective Goggle (Couleur : US Navy plate)
Brand New in Box
Size adjustable
Made by ABS plastic
Inner suspension is simply
1) Lightweight, multi-impact, Ventilated Liner with repositionable impact pads and confort closed-cell Foam that is not affected by temperature, Altitude, or moisture
2) version with a Bullet-Proof and the Carbon version of the same design, just relatively inexpensive polyethylene * * Level Plastic Shell at the same time the head of Night Vision base directly integrated into the helmet shape on top of the material, obviating the need to purchase An additional Night Vision base capital, but also can be installed directly such as Camera/headlights and other Equipment in the Head.
3) suitable for training, Search and Rescue operations, climbing or other outdoor sports
4) Taille (59 - 61 cm or Hat Taille 7 3/8 à 7 5/8)
  • 1 : Light Weight High Density polymer construction
  • 2 : Ideal for recce operations, Fast roping, climbing, training and paintball
  • 3 : Internal soft pad allowing for Customization of Fit and Comfort
  • 4 : Head Circumference (mm) : 580 mm-610 mm, the eye Protective Goggle is removable
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