Universal Grate Bushbox LF

de Bushcraft Essentials
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The Universal Grate for Bushcraft Essentials' Bushbox LF Outdoor Stove is truly universal and can be used in many ways. Attached on top of the Bushbox LF it makes an excellent grill or provides a solid platform for smaller pots and cups. Inserted into a special half-height position it can be used as a stand for alcohol burners (like the Trangia). In this position it is also ideal for the use with charcoal or wood pellets. Weight: 50g / 1.76oz Measurements: 9,7 x 10,5 cm / 3.8 x 4.1 in OTHER PRODUCTS SHOWN ARE INTENDED FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY AND NOT PART OF THE OFFER. ALTHOUGH SOME IMAGES MAY SHOW AN OLDER VERSION WE WILL ALWAYS SHIP THE MOST RECENT VERSION.
  • Universal Grate for the Bushbox XL
  • Can be used as grill, platform for pots and cups or as stand for alcohol burners, charcoal or wood pellets
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