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Bolle 527 New Generation Sunglasses (Polarized Brown Emerald Oleo AR Lens Matt Black Frame)Description: Their success was such that it was impossible to leave them on the shelf. With a bit of a face-lift and booster, the Bolle 527 sunglasses have made a magnificent comeback! The new generation is here: with coloured frames and timeless profiles, light ultra-strong polycarbonate B-20.3 lenses offering visual acuity and optimal protection. You just have to choose the colour you want! Some models are available with anti-glare, oleophobic (anti-scratch) and polarized lenses.Features:Frame Features:Anti-Slip Nose Piece: Ensures maximum comfort and eliminate slippage.Anti-Slip Temples: Incorporates non slip components, helping to keep the frame securely on your face.Lens Features:Lens Material: Polycarbonate. They are light yet offer good shock resistance. Great for sport and general purpose wear.Lens Filter: Polarized. Eliminates glare from snow, water or road surfaces ensuring purity of vision and protecting the eyes from strain.Lens Category: Cat. 3. With a visible light transmission of 14%, they are ideal for sunny conditions.Lens Curvature: 8 base. Improves awareness and offers good periphery vision.Hydrophobic Coating: Similar to a wax coating on a car, it helps to shed water droplets and grease marks keeping your lenses clearer and cleaner for longer.Anti-reflective Coating: Prevents those annoying reflections on the inside of the lens, eliminating interference glare and reducing eye strain.Flash Mirror Coating: A flash or mirror coating is good for situations that require a reduction in the overall brilliance of light
  • Type de verres : Polarisé Brown Emerald oléo AR
  • Verres polarisés
  • Catégorie : 3
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