Black Mask, Blackhead remove, Blackhead Mask, Repou Clay Face Mask for Oily and Acne Blackhead Mask Peel Off Mask Mud Mask Natural Deep Cleanser

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Beauty Mask for Face Care
Oil Control, anti-aging, acne treatment, pore cleaner
Cleansing of dirt and cuticle effectively on face
This large Blackhead Remover helps to remove the stain or oil spots on your face and improve circulation of your face.
It is suitable for all people all people both men and women both can use it.
Please note that the mask is not recommended for sensitive skin. The mask can something behind when peeled away discomfort;
Might have a little temporary red bloodshot after removing. Attention:
1-Please test the mask on your hand for allergy before you put it on your face. Please ensure that you are not allergic.
2-The Blackhead Mud Mask is only used for blackheads, exfoliate and clean the skin
3-do not use it on your acne or inflamed areas.
4-Please Peel off the mask after having it about 15-20minutes (Do not stay too long time on the same area, remove it slowly in the same direction)
If there is any discomfort, stop using.
  • It allows removing the dirt for a fresh and silky sensing facial complexion without overdrying.
  • With Ultimate Strength absorbency, it could absord the additional oil and dirt from the skin ,from the pores and it helps shrinkage and strengthen the skin.
  • Remove off stubborn dirt and dead skin cells.
  • For easily moving Nourishing and moisturising nutrients via Strata Corneum to the cells in all skin layers in a very short time range, to moisten the skin and maintain and it also helps your face smooth and gentle to hold.
  • Tips: Before using the blackmask, better to use hot towel applying in the face for 3-5minutes which make the pore open and ready. Or use the black mask after taking a hot bath or shower.
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