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The Art of the Chocolatier: From Classic Confections to Sensational Showpieces

de Brand: Wiley
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A must-have guide to chocolate making and chocolate showpiece design, from renowned confectionery expert Ewald Notter Covering the full spectrum of chocolate work-from the fundamentals of chocolate making to instruction on advanced showpiece design and assembly-The Art of the Chocolatier is the most complete and comprehensive guide to chocolate-making on the market. The book covers basic information on ingredients, equipment, and common techniques in the pastry kitchen, while also offering clear, step-by-step instructions on creating small candies and large-scale chocolate pieces. This is the ideal book for pastry students enrolled in chocolate and confectionery courses, as well as working professionals and even serious home confectioners who want to improve their skills in advanced chocolate work.*Illustrated step-by-step instructions cover all the essentials of chocolate-making, from tempering and creating ganache and gianduja to using molds, transfer sheets, and more* An entire chapter devoted to Creating a Competition Piece covers the ins and outs of confectionery competition, from preparing for the event and developing a concept to designing and building a winning chocolate showpiece* Beautiful full-color photos throughout provide inspiration for chocolate decor and showpiece design, while clear how-to photos illustrate key techniques The Art of the Chocolatier provides expert-level coverage of every aspect of the chocolatier's art for students and professionals alike.
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