Addis doux Brosse à Main, Argent métallique

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Tregothnan tea is a unique product from the United Kingdom?s first tea Garden- 'putting the English into English Tea'. We were the first to grow the tea genus here in the UK over 200 years ago but only perfected the art of tea production in recent years. The search for the perfect tea was intensified when it was proven that high quality tea does grow exceptionally well at Tregothnan, in Cornwall. Over the last 10 years tea has been grown here on the historic estate at Tregothnan located just outside of Truro in Cornwall. The estate has been here since 1335 and is also the largest private botanical garden in Cornwall. There are currently fourteen teas in the collection, four black teas & ten herbal infusions and our teas are now served and sold at a select number of establishments throughout the UK including Claridges and Fortnum & Mason?s in London. A light and exotic blend of unique hand-plucked leaves from our Cornish estate with the finest tea from Darjeeling (Tregothnan?s twin). Quintessentially British, our Afternoon Tea is delicately refreshing with invigorating citrus notes. We think it is best savoured around 3pm (with a Cornish cream tea, of course!) ? but it is equally as delicious at any time of the day. How true these words from Henry James are: ?There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea? ? Portrait of a Lady. As recently featured on BBC One?s Countrytracks with British supermodel-turned-presenter and celebrity tea fan, Jodie Kidd
  • Idéal pour une utilisation en intérieur
  • Heavy Duty doux poils en nylon remplissage
  • Corps en plastique résistant avec crochet de suspension
  • S'adapte norme Addis pelle fixe en remplacement de pinceau
  • Fabriqué dans l'Union européenne
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