Adata AP20000D-DGT-5V-CWH Batterie externe Blanc

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ADATA P20000D. Couleur du produit: Blanc, Compatibilité de chargeur: Mobile/smartphone, Tablette. Type de lampe: LED. Type d'écran: LCD. Type de port d'entrée USB: Micro-USB. Technologie batterie: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), Capacité de la batterie: 20000 mAh, Source de chargement: USB

The P20000D makes it clear what a flagship power bank is. Packing 20000mAh, this beast is tamed with a high precision digital display that lets you know exactly how much power remains. It also has a bright LED flashlight for added utility and safety. We placed dual USB charging ports on the P20000D so you can top up two devices at once to save time, and bulked it up with robust protective measures. The P20000D embodies ultimate - it's the envy of all other power banks!

Digital display for carefree use
Your smart mobile devices keep getting more powerful, allowing you to enjoy advanced gaming and media in ultra HD. But better processing and higher resolution screens mean more power consumption. That's where the P20000D comes in. Not only does it have massive capacity, it features a digital display that shows actual charge numerically, up to 100. No more vague flashing lights or "more or less" bars. This is real accuracy at a glance.

Keep going with truly big capacity
You may have gotten used to 5000mAh power banks, or even 10000mAh. How about 20000mAh? That's enough for 1.8 full tablet charges, and 6.4 times the capacity of your average smartphone. This isn't just a power bank, it's a power station in your bag. With so much power, you can keep going for literally days without worrying about an empty battery.

Dual USB ports boost charging efficiency
The P20000D features two USB ports that output 2.1A total. Recharge your smart mobile devices at once to reduce annoying waits and keep using both devices with no downtime. The P20000D delivers efficiency and convenience in one.

Tough, durable, and stable
With great power must come superior
  • Compatibilité de chargeur: universel
  • Capacité de la batterie: 20000 Mah
  • Dispositifs de protection électrique Sur-courant, Surtension, Surcharge
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