ABUS 707551 - Antirrobo de disco 8008 Granit Detecto X-Plus 8008 Granit Detecto X-Plus

de Abus
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• Abus 16mm steel bolt disc lock with special hardened steel • ABUS 3D detection system means every movement is detected • ABUS X-Plus cylinder for highest protection against manipulations Recommended for securing valuable motorbikes: This Abus disc lock is ideal for keeping your two wheels local! Why this Abus lock? We could spend a long time telling you why you should buy from Abus, but we know you just want to be rest assured that your prized possession has the best protection: With an alarm that reaches 100dB on the basis of the vibration detection system, every impact attack will be detected, though don't worry you can still transport the lock in locked condition without activating the system thanks to the brake disc recognition system. The Abus X-Plus cylinder system gives you the highest protection against manipulations such as picking or drilling. The two keys you'll receive are uniquely coded to your lock only. This unique code that you will receive also gives you the added benefit of having all your Abus locks keyed-alike so you only need to carry one key for all your locks if you so wish. One of your keys will include an LED light: no longer will(more...)
  • Doré, 16 mm. 
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