38 Year Old Genuine Lake District Organic Wild Yeast Sourd ough Starter Rye whol Emeal Bread Starter – 80 g

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80 g Cumbria Wild Yeast Organic sourd de starter with full Printed instruction and Delicious sourd de pancakes recipe Made using Only the best Flour - traditio Nally craf Ted Flour from Organic Stone Ground Rye Bach eldre biseau rmill. This sourdough produce breads for Over 38 Years. You Will receive Full Printed in English to keep your Starter Happy and Alive instructions Forever Perfect Artisan breads breads, spelt breads, germes de blé, Rye breads, pizza etc from the best and most Experienced sourd de Seller. This Ce sourdough started dans 1979 in one of the Lake District Small Bakers and is being used to make Organic Bread Ever Since. That means that is it extremely Easy to Use and Will need Very Little to keep Him Happy. This sourdough is also used in our Bakery Everyday and is being fed Daily to it is very potent. All You Need Is Flour and Water To Keep Your Starter Alive and happy and Make delicious Bread. It will Be A very rewarding and economical experience :) 100% Natural Organic Wild Yeast sourd de. We Feed our sourdough Twice a day which keeps it Very active. The bouton and Smell is very Pleasant (Sweet and Sour). To Store It just keep it in the Fridge and Feed once a week. If you do that it will Last Forever. You Are Buying 80 g of Fresh sourdough Starter - Enough To Make 2 loafs of bread immediately + to feed and keep it in the Fridge. Once it Arrives Please flux it with bit of Flour and Water and it is ready to make sourdough Bread, pancakes, pizza base or Anything else which require sourdough. Any questions please Get in touch, i AIM to respond within couple of Hours. It will Be publié dans les Bubble Wrap Secure Packaging and Sealed with Professional Heat Sealer and Will Reach you in perfect and Ready to use condition.
  • 38 Year Old Lake District sourd de
  • Flux using traditionally Crafted Organic Stone Ground Rye Flour from Bach eldre wate rmill
  • 80 g Organic Starter with full Printed instruction
  • Perfect for Artisan breads breads, spelt breads, germes de blé, Rye breads, pizza
  • Star en 1979 in one of the Lake District Small Bakers
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