Bonio The Original 650 g (Pack of 5)

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Vileda helps makes your life easier with the Easy Wring & Clean mop set.The Easy Wring & Clean is a complete mopping system containing a microfibre mop with telescopic handle and a bucket with a mechanical wringing system.Simply insert the mop into the wringer and press the foot pedal to activate the wringer. Depending on the pressure applied to the pedal, the wringer spins at up to 1000 times a minute, while the special funnel helps to prevent water splashes..This means that you can control the desired moisture of the mop according to your type of floor. For example, it is recommended that you use less water when cleaning wood and laminate floors.With the specially designed triangular head you can clean into corners, the pivoting head makes it easy to reach under furniture and the microfibres help to clean even stubborn greasy stains.The microfibre mop head is easily removable by simply unclipping the microfibre part from the underside of the red cover. This can then be machine washed at up to 60?C or replacement heads can be purchased separately.
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